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Talking about Complex Grief 2

Talking about Complex Grief

For most people complex grief is an unknown or misunderstood form of grieving.  Although it’s generally referred so as “Complex Grief” or “Persistent Complex Grief”, I like to describe it as “Complicated Grief” as I feel this explains better what’s it is.  Yes, it is grief, but it is grief with additional complications. Grief on its own is bad enough, but when the grief is for the loss of a vulnerable loved one who depended on you to ensure they were loved, safe, healthy and happy in this world, then it’s almost inevitable that this will lead to complicated grief.  If you’re dealing with someone deliberately taking your loved one’s life, or they were unequivocally instrumental in their death, that too may...

A Christmas journey through grief 0

A Christmas journey through grief

“We called him Mr Christmas because he loved it so” was the opening line to a blog I tried to write in December 2014.  After I’d written this, I could write no more and the blog was never finished.  I tried to finish it in 2015 and again in 2016 but failed both years.  It was too hard to write, especially at that time of year, before Christmas, when it felt as if I was walking along a tiny path, with black grief just waiting for me if I faltered or fell to either side.  But this year, I’m going to honour Mr Christmas and I’m going to finish the blog.  This Christmas will be our 8th without Nico and this year...